About Us


The Experimental Analysis and Prediction of Storms, known as EXPAPOS, was established in 2019 as an initiative of a team of meteorological engineers. It mainly focuses on the forecasting of severe convective storms with the latest developments and techniques on numerical weather prediction and mesoscale analysis.

What we do?

The EXPAPOS serves by providing information about high-impact weather for local residents and companies anywhere in Europe. We generate sophisticated maps based on forecasting the risk of severe thunderstorms, large-hail, and tornadoes for the next-three-day time window. We also report warnings related to heavy precipitation, wildfire, extreme wind, supercell storm, and further hazardous weather conditions. These reports are updated on a daily basis.

Our system utilizes a genuine probabilistic scale in determining the probability of a severe weather event. In the near future, EXPAPOS aims to increase the accuracy of the severe weather event predictability by combining with machine/deep learning algorithms and conventional observation data.

Our mission

We enable our clients to keep control of the power and value we get from data.

We enable our working partners to make better decisions in their weather-sensitive operations and move forward with the power of knowing the possibilities. We are proud to serve our clients with our probabilistic weather products. We are ready to work for your other needs since we believe in the power and value of knowledge.

We are one of the first companies that can forecast up to 3 days of severe weather events and provide temporal resolution up to 1 hour. Therefore, we offer our collaborators information that will enable them to plan their operations with peace of mind.

Our core Values

Innovation, humility, perseverance, transparency, and dynamism reflect our team spirit.

We care about the world. We know that global climate change is poised to reshape our world. We help to save lives in extreme weather events and assist to prevent losses all around the world. We know that we need to constantly improve on this important journey.